Asia Hoe

New York, NY

Adventures At Metis

I am an experienced UX Designer looking to refine my skills and to spruce up my front-end development knowledge. At Metis, I will learn how to bridge the gap between my visual and analytical design skills, and technical coding skills. Unicorndom, here I come! (Ha ha.)

As a kid, I couldn't decide whether I loved the arts or sciences more. The best part about design is that I don't have to choose! Good design embraces not just the subjective, selfish impulses of art, or the cold, rigid principles of science, but humanity as well. It seeks not to be understood, but to understand. Design is empathy in practice.

When I'm not dreaming of code, I enjoy writing, drawing, and playing video games. Watch this space for more insights into my journey at Metis. Talk to you soon!